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SOLD: TWSBI #6 nib w/ Pendleton Brown “Butterline” Stub

This listing is only for the gold colored TWSBI nib on the right.


For sale is a TWSBI #6 nib that has been customized by Pendleton Brown. The nib features his “Butterline” Stub/CI grind that’s “as smooth as a stub with the line variation of a cursive italic.” The nib has also been modified for additional flex ranging from 0.5mm with little-to-no pressure to 1.1mm with moderate-to-high pressure.

The nib came out of the TWSBI Micarta, but will fit in any pen with a #6 sized nib. If you have a question regarding whether this nib will fit in your pen, please leave a comment below and I’ll respond ASAP. Pendleton Charges $40 for this modification, plus $25 for the nib. Get the nib and custom grind here for only $40. SOLD

pendleton writing sample



Price includes USPS First Class shipping in the US. USPS Priority small flat rate box with insurance is $7. International shipping available, price on request.

The pen has been described to the best of my abilities. Please refer to the images for details. Click each image to embiggen. There are no returns on this item.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • PeppWaves03

    Does this nib fit the TWSBI Mini? Or do you know if I can buy the Micarta without a nib?

    • Dan Smith

      This nib will not fit the Mini or the 530/540/580 pens. I don’t think buying a Micarta without the nib is an option, but you could always email TWSBI and ask.

  • Carol1313

    If this works with the Ahab, I’m happy to fork over 40 simoleons. (or a Waterman Commando, or maybe the Collier?)

    • Dan Smith

      Carol, I just sent you a response via email.

  • Jeremy Rosenthal

    I would like to purchase it. Would like to make my Micarta more interesting. If it is still available please contact me at jrosen76 at gmail. Thank you

    • Dan Smith

      Jeremy, if Carol decides to pass on the nib then it’s yours. I’ll let you know either way.

    • Dan Smith

      Sorry, Jeremy, it sold.